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Deegawapiya is one of bunches of 16 places which have been blessed with Lord Buddha’s presence. Henceforward it is another famous destination in most attractive tourism destinations in Sri lanka. Later the Dagoba appeared like a thick jungle.

Due to the reconstructions carried out by the authorities, Henceforth it has become a monastic complex that can be visited for every traveler. Eventually ended devastating war in Sri lanka it will be a great opportunity to explore Sri lankan cultural and Religious monuments. In order to reach Deegawapiya, take Ampara- Akkaraipaththu Road first. Within 18 km off from Ampara city you will find the Dagoba.

On the 8th year of seizing enlightenment, Lord Buddha decided to visit Sri Lanka for the 3rd time. On his journey he waited for a while at Deegawapiya and spent time for meditating. It is said that Buddha visited Sri lanka with 5000 arahants. ‘Mahavansaha’ (substantial documentary about history o Sri lanka, written in 5th century) reveals that, king Sadhdhatissa (137-119B.C) initiated to construct this Dagoba. Not only that but also Samanthapasadika (Pali chornicle) reports the same. The Archeologists believe that this stupa is a ‘Paribogika Stupa’ which doesn’t consist any sacred relic of Lord Buddha. Though venerable Ellawala Medhananada thero believes that sacred nail relic of Lord Buddha is positioned in the Dagoba.

Subsequently King Sadhdhatissa had covered the stupa with a jacket adorned with gems and small golden lotus flowers. It is evidenced on a golden foil (14 cms by 1.5 cms)that the King Kavantissa had to revamp the stupa several times. It was placed inside a reliquary. Time passed away and Deegwapiya was neglected from the community. Two inscriptions erected by king Sadhadha tissa and King Keerthi Sri Rajasingha is insidiously lost.

Around 1916 Kohukumbure ravatha thero launched a mission to find out what happened to 'Deegawapiya Stupa’. As a result of is curiosity to findout the temple site he found that some Muslims carrying-out bricks from the jungle. They told that they found them from an old construction hid in the forest. Eventually Thero recognized that it was the ruined Deegwapiya. Consequently thero was able to drew attention of the government. Therefore he was ableto rescue the Deegawapiya from the trouble. Thero was permitted to own a land of 250 acres for the monastery complex at Deegawapiya and started to reconstruct the Stupa. And also Kohukumbure revatha thero received the support from few monks of Colombo. Muslims in the area protest the activities of thero. Unfortunately thero was killed by a Muslim murderer.

Digawapiya Sri lanka Digawapiya Sri lanka Digawapiya Sri lanka

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